30 exciting reels ideas for your Instagram account

Hey guys 

We hope you are well aware of this new feature of Instagram

Most of the people unable to utilize it properly and soon they feel like – waste of time 

Reels are a great feature but the only thing you have to do to make a higher reach reel is to read this article. Because today we are sharing some amazing tips for reels. 

Instagram 30 reels ideas –

There are 30 amazing ideas for your reel videos, and we have explained each one of them so that you never face any doubt regarding these ideas.

Best platform for business –

Instagram is a very great platform to influence people towards your business. It provides you with wide effective features. Through which you can easily do whatever you want.

Like promotion, advertisements, videos, live, polls, quizzes, attractive photoshop features, etc.

With these tools, you can enhance the reach of the audience through your business. These all features can help you to bring lots of engagement. So let’s get started –

Reels ideas for you –

Must use these helpful ideas in your account –

  • Share a helpful tip :

In this reel video, you can easily share helpful advice. Understand the pain points and resolve the problem in reels. This will give great reach to your reels. 

  • Behind the scenes :

You can easily see this type of thing in the business, designing, etc. So people become curious to see how things happen? 

By showing BTS can help them to learn more about particular things effectively. 

  • Show a special look at things :

Like if you are making any reels on things/recipes, then what are the things you will add to make it look far better. These are some of the best ideas for experiments with reels.

  • Share positive things:

If we have any type of good thoughts, stories, moments which you wanna share with people. Then it helps to bring any positive message from your side for your audience.

So, it’s a bonus point of your reels because of the things which inspire people to get more attention. 

  • Give a throwback: 

Throwback may be any launch service or product. Or it may be a giveaway for the audience. It may be a stuff of results which you got from any kind of experience. 

  • Add teasers to hype any announcement: 

In this, you can add any question or something relevant to make an advertisement for any announcement.

Like before the release of any film, there is a teaser of the film. In which we can see what this picture is all about and what are the things it has? It will develop curiosity and take your CTA.

  • Give your audience some laugh 

It is a good way to gain engagement. In this, you can add trending memes or can upload any prank, crazy moment, laughing elements, etc. Funny and humorous things bring more interest. 

  • Favorite product of the month :

During business, it may happen that – you get several sales of any product. So you can tell your audience briefly why people are liking this product?

  • Any DIY project: 

Here you can share any kind of – Do it yourself kinds of stuff. It may be any design, templates, and writing hack. Things which people think are hard, you can make it simpler for them. 

  • Your favorite spot in the city : 

In this way, you can explore your state/city/country like the best places, their food, trendy clothes, reasonable accessories, etc. This is also one of the amazing topics for people to learn more about any particular place.

  • Time management tips: 

In this, you can suggest to the people how to manage the time to save your weekends.

This is one of the cool topics because most people want to spend time on another thing, but they fail to manage their office work.

  • Currently watching/listening to: 

In this, you can tell – what are the things which you prefer to do in your free time. Maybe your favorite playlist, Netflix episodes, etc. It’s quite amazing – what things do you enjoy most?

  • The goal of the month/ week: 

In this, you can tell the people about your goals, plans, actions, priorities, planner, etc. These things can give people a little bit of idea – what is your next step to move forward.

  • Blog tour :

Through this, you can share the upcoming blogs or the blogs that you are going to publish. 

  • 15-sec story :

In this, you can add an inspiring story of anyone’s life. It may belong to you also that you wanna share with your audience. You can also explain the fascinating journey of your business and any work.

  • Your top 5 mistakes : 

In this, you can convey information regarding your mistakes, and after doing that mistake what you have learned, and how you resolve it. 

  • 15-sec tutorial :

In this, you can teach anything related to your interest. There are so many tutorials for every type of field. So you can engage your audience in any of them related to your field interest.

  • Favorite apps :

In this, you can share your experience with the apps like – features,  benefits, and usability, etc. You can also show them – how it works? 

  • How to make a reel :

If you are addicted to making a reel then you can share your experience of working with reels.

  • Quotes :

In this, you can add beautiful inspiring quotes/ poetry/moral stories/ positive thoughts, etc given by yourself. 

  • App hacks : 

If you are doing business and you find some great working efficient apps. Then you can suggest them by their adorable features.

Also compatibility with your working table, and lots more benefits of those apps.

  • Post highlights : 

In this, you can tell people which post is going to come today in your feed. Or any post of yours which got more viral reach, then you can share here. 

  • Make a reel challenge

Challenge games always fascinate people. They take more interest to win so you can tell people by giving them the reel- reel challenge of the day. Including this, you can offer any kind of service for free in business as a giveaway. 

  • Insta Engagement tips:

In this, you can share your experience of how you gain the maximum number of followers through engagement? Share informative reels with this kind of stuff. 

  • DM templates :

This is one of the quite interesting things that you can suggest to your audience by giving them a Direct messages template. 

  • Work time-lapse : 

In this, you can share how you have completed the tasks of the day and how do you manage something else with work?

  • Shoutouts :

In this, you can share the profile of other creators which you prefer very helpful for the audience. In this way, you can show your support as a community member. 

  • Show your fav books :

In this, you can show the trending books which you are currently reading. Give them all details and share your experience.

  • Hold giveaway and contest :

In this, you can share your offers for anything related to your business. You can do any contest like quizzes, dumbsherads, etc. 

  • Answer Q&A :

In this, you can answer the question which people might ask regarding the business or growth tips on Instagram. Give the whole description of that answer in your reels.

Conclusion :

In this blog, we had discussed the 30 reels ideas which might be very helpful if you are planning for making reels.

It will enhance the reach by providing valuable stuff. 

  • Share a helpful tip.
  • Behind the scenes
  • Show a special look at things
  • Share a positive message
  • Give a throwback
  • Add teasers to hype any announcement
  • Give your audience some laughs.
  • Favorite product of the month.
  • Any DIY project
  • Your favorite spot in the city
  • Time management tips
  • Currently watching /listening to
  • The goal of the month/week
  • Blog tour
  • 15-sec story
  • Your top 5 mistakes
  • Favorite apps
  • 15-sec tutorials
  • How to make a reel
  • Quotes
  • App hacks
  • Post highlights
  • Make reel challenge
  • Insta engagement tips
  • DM template
  • Work time- lapse
  • Shout out
  • Show your fav books
  • Hold giveaway and contest
  • Answer Q&A



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