About us

Hello everyone, We are Searckey Marketing and Media

We started this organization to help individuals and businesses to build a brand on social media and the internet.

Digital marketing is one of the fast-growing industries in our country so you can learn and apply it and grow with us.


Our Key Highlight – Women Empowerment 

We at searckey want to build an organization that embraces women empowerment totally.
Yes! Our team only consists of young and ambitious female individuals who are working hard to make themselves a great career. We strongly believe in the growth and development of women because they are the backbone of our society and its important to us as an organization to help them achieve their ambitions.

We promise growth and reach for your brand because we

believe in ourselves and our knowledge. We can build strategies for your social media and your
business branding

In today’s world, where time is everything, we know that an entrepreneur can’t do everything on there own.

thus we are here for you

We objectify your goals and dreams and shape strategies around them.

At searckey, we believe in creating an experience to build a brand, relationships, community, and grow businesses.

Our community

Searckey commits on providing valuable knowledge on digital marketing and branding on various platforms like, Instagram,

Our Instagram is very close to us, each follower is our family member .It is our community

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Our Team


Lipsy Goyal

SEO Executive

Rajni Yadav

Content writer