Don’t steal other person content

Stealing is always an unethical means. It loosens the confidence of other people and makes them disheartened. It is the wrong thing in which people prefer to steal someone’s idea, thoughts, content, etc.

Everything takes effort at least you must respect their creativity, original presentation of thoughts, and try to take help from their way of expression instead of using wrong means.

Stealing is bad ethics

When you steal someone’s thought then you lost his freedom of expressing things and ruin all their efforts because it takes years to build a business, and small mistakes of the employee can ruin the dignity and position of that business. Similarly, a man also thinks about their content a thousand times, many combinations of thoughts came in his mind, and after the collaboration of their efforts of presentation and thought, then it becomes a good content for them. So these are the efforts they do for their content and when they lose it. Then they become frustrated and depressed with such a wrong act. Do you think about it?

You lose yourself

Whenever you do these type of things, then you also lose your creativity, originality, and confidence too. Because if you have any courage to do best than others then why you choose wrong means like stealing?

So these things also lose your value, you don’t know that what your real potential is?

Best thing to do  

Respect yourself and your ideas first and then try to praise other’s work. It will give a good social image in life and also people engaged with you, and your ideas. Always keep in mind that when you do anything by yourself then all credit goes to you, every effort is yours and you are eligible for any reward. But, if you stealing or using the wrong means to take someone else content, posts, or anything then you are not able to get praise and award from others. Because still the thing is related to someone else and he is getting all applause for their efforts, not yours. So have some humanity because it will make you strong and give learning lesson to grow up as a good human being

What to do when you lost anything

  • Lost things never came back. Similarly, if we lost something through someone else wrong act. Then we should do the following things so that they can’t betray you again. And get lessons too from your wise decision. 
  • You should take a picture of that content which they posted in their own stories and timeline. And just show them that and discuss it with them. And if he does not agree to delete that post on his timeline or remove your content within 24 hours. Then you must do choose another thing like –
  • Contact the owner of that website, host, and also suggest Google too that this content is written by you. It is stolen by someone. 
  • There are some other means through which you can find 🔍 that your content is stolen by the second party i.e., google alerts, Copyscape, etc. 

And along with these rules, try to use more privacy settings for your content. Through which no one can copy/paste your content. Use plagiarism check alerts so that you get a notification that this content is already used. 

Conclusion :

This content is all about the precaution and safety measures used for our content writing in blogs on our website. You should take google privacy settings. And if someone steals your content then you should contact and give information about it. Try to be a good human being, support, and praise the efforts of people instead of doing any misleading activities. 

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