Engagement makes it easy for you or ways to do it

Let’s talk about first – What is engagement?

What is Engagement?

Engagement is very important if you are running an Instagram. Because whatever we are doing if people are not giving any response. Then how we can understand that they are liking or not, it is helpful or not for them. That is why engagement with people is very much important to know things better by responses. For engagement, you have to find first of all your purpose. That why are you starting this particular account. What is the importance in the life of people, and who will be the target audience? 

Find purpose

If you will find your purpose of existence in such a platform. Then finding the niche and audience will be easier. And after that, you can post the things related to your purpose. Always keep in mind that if your account is public. Then you must have a professional way to represent the things. Like your scheduling of post, content creation, post, etc. You must follow 3C’s and that is –

1.Consistency ( you have to post the things regularly no matter one or two but if you are going to post one content then keep it consistently)

2.Content ( you must have a good content strategy based on business purpose and you can’t be supposed to post irrelevant things like other than your business purpose because it may lose the interest of your audience,  so plan the things and work on it).

3. Community ( a group of members of the same passion and interest of any particular field, so find your community, engage with them, they will guide you, encourage you and you can easily grow with them ) 

Now, If you are facing problems with engagement. And you wanna increase this with people. Then here are some tips which you can follow. And trust me it will help you a lot. Let’s see what are they – 

Talk about your niche –

Talk about niche to your audience

It is a group of people with the same kind, interest, and passion. And if you’re running your business. Then it is most important to find your niche. Because if you will succeed to find your niche then it will help you to take to your target audience. And if your audience/niche find your things relevant and interesting then they will provide you offer to do things for them. And you will easily find your goal accomplish in this way. 

So if they are important to you then you have to talk about them with people. You can share your journey , fun experience, and lots more things. Whatever you feel when you were spending your time during a particular purpose, etc. 

Because your existence is only due to your niche and community. And if you will not show a grateful attitude. Then they may not take any interest and may ignore your things. So keep your attitude good and thankful for your niche, community members, and followers, it will help you a lot. 

Join and hold Q&A sessions : 

Yes, it is also a great way to connect with your audience. If you want to know the response of your audience then you must do QnA sessions, it will assist you to know the things satisfactory and interesting for your audience. Suppose you posted one content today and you want to know from your audience, niche, community members that how much they got things interesting and relevant, so you can post the QnA with polls, ask me something, live interaction, etc. In this way, you will easily access the reaction of people. Bad experience gives you a lesson of your mistakes and good experience helps to do more good things like this way. 

Repost content : 

If I am saying repost then it doesn’t mean that you repost your popular content. You can also repost the content of your followers if you find it interesting and informative. In this way, you gain the attention of people and they give you more attention towards any post, this will help you to maintain a healthy environment with your audience, and trust me an engaging community and responsive audience will be a combo for your account. Try to build it takes time but it will be really helpful for you. 

Audience Attention: 

Create attention through your information

Try to gain the attention of your audience, because if your audience find you and your post relevant then they may take more interest in you and participate in every giveaways contest, quiz, polls, post, etc and you can do in many ways like – 

Focus on emotions like what your audience expecting from you and what is the need and what they wanna suggest to you for the benefits of them, so listen to your audience carefully and it may help you a lot to get your audience’s attention. 

Make an appealing post like whatever post your audience ask for make then don’t forget in any conditions, give them and their request to priority and it will helps you help to gain attention and never lose their trust, take more time but never ignore. 

Hold contest giveaways it is a very helpful way to get attention from people and most of the time it works great, so try to offer good things which help them out, and truly it’s a good way to get a response from the other side. 

A community is a group of young minds of the same interests, creators in a particular field. They may be much experienced or may newbies. But trust me to build a community is very helpful and it will provide lots of benefits by giving you a great post which helps you to learn more and more and it also helps to interact with new people and new minds to do things differently and amazingly. So it helps a lot to gain followers of the same interest and encouraging community that grows with altogether. 

Community building:

So try to build a community and make yourself first impression good so that they give more attention to you and helps or guide you in every manner. Build trust, companionship, interaction, encouragement, and you can share their post in your profile so that they can find your helping and motivating behavior and add you to good books of people. 


In this blog, we learn about how can we made engagement easy because it is very mandatory for the stable in social media platforms for a long time, so it is necessary to focus on keywords shown here, let’s have a quick look at how you can bring more engagement in your profile

  • Talk about your niche
  • Join and hold QnA sessions
  • Repost content
  • Audience retention
  • Community building 

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