Instagram stories mistakes to avoid

Instagram Stories, the feature is simple but the work is wide. If you are working on a social media platform then – there may be possible that you can do mistakes.

It happens with everyone, but sometimes it creates a problem with people who are in business. Because if you are posting anything to your business then a little bit of mistake in your posts/stories can trouble you in many ways.

So, try to avoid mistakes if you are struggling with social media for business objectives. Don’t worry we are here to help you by giving some suggestions regarding Instagram stories. In this blog, we tell you how to avoid mistakes on Instagram.

Do you think that you post the stories on Instagram the way it is supposed to be?

Now you are confused that there are ways to put stories on Instagram. If your answer is no – then don’t panic we are telling you the mistakes here. These mistakes people usually do before posting the stories on Instagram?

Posting too many stories :

Yes, the biggest mistake you do is this one. Posting many stories in a day looks like a spam account. So try to avoid such mistakes by adding more stories at the same time.

Always use the rule of Quality over Quantity. If your stories are quality based then definitely more people want to take a look at them. But if you focus on quantity then, of course, the engagement will be not so good. Or it can lose your time and confidence furthermore so focus on the quality of the post.

● Not showing who you are:

When we post anything and everything in our Instagram stories. Then our audience may be confused by these random posts. Because they don’t recognize you well by uneven posts instead of posting relevant things.

Like who are you and what you work for, be professional enough. Then you must take care of things that what are things that bother you. Never hide your work and passion behind irrelevant things. You will annoy the audience, and can’t find better and useful things from your account. Then soon they may skip from you to others. People have choices to follow others for their interest but you are dependent on them barely.

● Useless stories:

Yeah, that’s another thing which you have to keep in mind. Useless stories mean the stories/ posts which are irrelevant regarding your account.

For example, if you are a digital marketer then make sure you post related to digital news, digital research, digital marketing instead of adding the posts of the party, food, pictures, etc. As a marketer, Instagram is for your work/business. Here you influence your audience by your unique work style and reasonable work. You will be at a loss because your followers will no more interested in you. And they will try for the next one who can give them the best things/suggestions.

So, post the useful content and ask your followers that – what more they want from you?
That’s good for you – don’t ever try to make it like your WhatsApp where you post status of every kind. Make your looks of Instagram proficient, that will be effective for you.

● Reposting everyone’s post:

Posting is good but reposting is not good. Reposting means there is no effort of yours the real effort is doing anyone else whose post you are using.

It’s good to repeat a story of someone and post and post of another creator but overdo is not the right thing. You may be influenced by their post so you can use it only 2-3 times not more than that. Because if you will do more reposting then your work and action will be hidden from your audience. They will think – what this person does? instead of reposting. So avoid it from the routine of posting.

As much you show your talent through work to your audience, they will precisely take interest in you.

● Not promoting your product:

Promotion is the main thing if you are running a business online.

In social media as much you promote, people will be aware of the things. When they like your things then they may ask or connect with you easily. But as we know if we do the same thing all the time then it becomes boring or annoying too. We want to skip that and start doing something else fresh. Similarly, if we always post who are only based on promoting the things. Then clearly people lose their interests and soon left you. We should make a schedule for one week in a day or 2 weeks in a day for promoting the things.

Due to this way, people show attention towards your post. Again we are saying that do it by yourself, don’t overdo it. People can give you one chance not more than that – next time they will check out another account. So be aware of it.


In this blog, we learn about the basic mistakes which we usually do in posting the post on Instagram.
Mistakes teach us lots of things, but correction of that mistake will help us to learn more. This is common but sometimes you have to take care of it. It takes lot of effort to build a platform but easy to destroy it. That’s why we should do mistakes but never overdo them, overdo them can down your status.
So, for your business, we are taking care of by giving the best suggestions and some are here is a recap:
● Posting too many stories
● Not showing who you are.
● Useless stories
● Reposting everyone’s story
● Not promoting your product
These are the following terms which we have discussed above in detail. If you apply this method then surely it will help you throughout your business. Try once, and give us your suggestions.

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