McDonald – your best place to search for fast foods

McDonald‘s name is enough to define a lot of things about the company. That – it is a company that produces fast foods. Whenever we are planning for a party or feel hungry. Then the first name which came to our lips is “McDonald’s”. Yes this brand name is so famous for its good quality foods and its services also.

About McDonald

Now if we are talking about such an amazing thing about it. Let’s study deeply about it, and acknowledge what the other things they do and lots more. Let’s begin –

McDonald’s is an American company that was established in 1940. First opened as a restaurant Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California, United States. 

The world’s largest restaurant chain by earnings. It is serving approximately 69 million people every day all over 100 countries of the world.

McDonald’s is best remembered for it’s best to fast foods. Like hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, breakfast items, chicken products, soft drinks, milkshakes, wraps, and desserts.  According to the healthiness of food, they added salads, smoothies, fish and fruit, etc. to their menu.

The first originally sold item was hot dogs, not a hamburger.

Every 14.5 hours, a new McDonald’s restaurant is inaugurated.

Queen of England near Buckingham mansion acquires a McDonald’s cafe.

More about company

It earns about US dollar 75 million each day.

If we talk about the workers of this company then it puts up with the normal. McDonald’s employee seven months to receive what a CEO makes in just an hour.

The busiest McDonald’s restaurant is in Hong Kong. They are among the top ten.

McDonald’s spends almost one billion dollars in media advertising.

McDonald’s McWrap contains 121 ingredients, trans fats, and chemicals on the FDA toxicity watch list.

Its goal is to open more than 2000 restaurants in China by 2022.

Bill gates have McDonald’s gold card through which he can buy unlimited free fast foods.

Burger King is the closest opponent to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s largest private-sector employer in Great Britain. 

Over 80,000 people succeeded from McDonald’s Hamburger University with a bachelor’s degree in hamburgerology. 

McDonald’s auctions beer in its German outlets.

McDonald’s used to sell pizzas in the 70s times. But now they stopped because it takes lots of time in making one pizza.

There are one and a half times more Mcdonald’s restaurants than hospitals in the U.S.

The golden arch logo was introduced in 1953

Business insight –

According to the latest statistics on McDonald’s business website. They serve in 120 countries with around 38000 platforms across the world. 

Packaging of a product in McDonald’s plays an important role. In not only quality, honesty, and security but also for the vision of a customer.

McDonald’s also uses it’s cooking oil in transportation so that the expense of operation is also reduced.

McDonald’s also takes care of the working employees and it’s not the policy . But also it provides every requirement which they really need to work productively.

In order to achieve business goals, McDonald promoting more and more to reduces the cost of the operations.

McDonald’s has the policy to be in the market as a market leader. In order to keep its leadership, it keeps low cost. And gets more income by selling food at a cheap price.

Expansion of technology

It also uses technology furthermore for efficient work. By using LOV for cooking efficiency, it uses fluorescent low consumption lighting in kitchens, etc.

McDonald’s has the policy to be in the market as a market leader. In order to keep its leadership. It keeps low cost and gets more income by selling food at a cheap price.

Food made with the help of machines is considered more hygienic; however the continuous development in the technology McDonald and especially its employees as they have to serve quick services. Computers and smart cashiers are used by the employees. So that they would not get confused and they are provided with a customized database management system.

All operational activities are conducted in all the departments all over the world. So that they get productive work in an easy way.

McDonald’s business strategies are market penetrating, market development, and product development, etc, and available the products at low prices.

McDonald’s becomes the leader of the fast-food industry . Due to a strong focus on customer service, response to conflict, and use of marketing techniques early.

Co-founder of McDonald

Maurice McDonald died from a heart attack in Riverside, California, on December 11, 1971, at the age of 69. He was buried at the Desert Memorial Park, in Cathedral City, California. Richard McDonald died in a nursing home in Manchester, New Hampshire, on July 14, 1998, at the age of 89.

After their death, the owner of McDonald’s is Chris Kempczinski, who is president and CEO of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s wasn’t simply McDonald’s at first — it was McDonald’s Barbeque. The food stands that the brothers opened in San Bernardino. Followed the pattern of other food joints of the era by catering to drivers in their cars.

The brothers were even able to reuse uniforms from their failed movie theaters for the carhops. Upon realizing that burgers were the top-seller, the brothers scratched their working formula. Temporarily closed their doors, and made some drastic changes when they reopened.

Daily transfer animals

As a brand that served meat-based products, one of the major criticisms. McDonald’s has faced over the years is its treatment of animals. This company uses beef for its burgers and chickens are used for both their meat and their eggs. Animal welfare is an issue that many McDonald’s customers feel passionate about.

In recent years, McDonald’s has taken steps to improve living standards. For the welfare of animals raised for use by their company.

Since 2005, McDonald’s has not used eggs from chickens who have lived in battery cage facilities. The company uses 2 billion eggs each year. Equivalent to 4% of the eggs produced in the United States. Therefore, their change of ethos has had a significant impact on the egg industry in the United States.

One problem that McDonald’s still face is that they use pork from facilities that use gestation crates. 


In this blog, we discussed all the points of McDonald’s, their marketing strategy, their startup plan, their life, etc.

As we know that, if you have dedication and passion to do anything then definitely you will achieve it. These things help to concentrate on your goal. Mistakes helps to learn about accept the failures and success both in a positive way. Your time plays every game in your life. If you are using your time in productive things like learning, earn, etc. Then this time will give you a beautiful return gift with all prosperity, wisdom, and strength. Your goal, dream, thought should be larger than you.


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